SWSpeakers proudly presents - SWÖXX

This hand-made speaker was born in Mozart's city of Salzburg - Austria, featuring amazing sound and pleasant design.


SWSpeakers proudly presents - SWÖXX

SWÖXX was created through uncompromising craftsmanship, integrating a class D amplifier to deliver high-end sound quality for home and studios.


SWSpeakers - The story beyond

The idea was to create a loudspeaker cabinet, which would not disturb or distort the pure sound coming from the drive units.


SWSpeakers - The story beyond

The first drawings were made in 2000 during a university acoustic study, and SWSpeakers was founded in 2007 in Sweden.


SWSpeakers - The story beyond

Our aim was to eliminate cabinet noises, edge diffractions and reflections, leading to a design resembling an infinite sphere.


SWSpeakers - The story beyond

Since an infinite sphere is impractical in the normal living room, we developed a turbine shape based on airflow research.


SWSpeakers - The story beyond

Close to the driver the surface is made of circles like a sphere, gradually changing into the turbine shape, with circles getting smaller and smaller...


SWSpeakers - The story beyond

...until the sound waves unite in one smooth flow, leave the cabinet without any edge reflections and bring a superior sound experience.



In our philosophy, you hear good sound when you perceive the music like you would in a live performance, with the orchestra playing right in front of you. Our loudspeakers enable you to sense the spatial position of the instruments that produce the music, without being aware of the location of loudspeakers themselves, thus bringing a wonderful acoustic dimension of the original recording hall.


The New and the Cool

This hand-crafted speaker was born in Mozart’s city of Salzburg – Austria, featuring smooth and pleasant design while delivering amazing sound quality for home and studios.



Figaro are small speakers with very powerful, spatious, soft and clear sound! This kind of sound represents the fundamentals of SWSpeakers’ philosophy and we make sure to deliver it. Enjoy Figaro from SWSpeakers. Sound you can see.

Magic Flute


Like Figaro, the Magic Flute represents the ultimate sound quality combined with a unique loudspeaker design. The special “infinite” cabinets are acoustically optimized in order to create a smooth, clear and roomy sound, with the feeling of a live music experience.

AudioEngine B1


AudioEngine B1 – a BlueTooth Receiver – is one of the best bluetooth receivers on the market, featuring optic and analouge o/p, and is the recommended product in combination with our loudspeakers.


The design of our speaker system is as unique as it is brilliant. The speaker cabinets were developed to provide the best hearing perception and to present a true and natural sound quality. But this design is more than functional. The new and unique shape is a clear visual expression of the sonic perfection in your listening room and it soon becomes an important part of your life. Your friends will first admire them as an impressive work of art. Later, when they listen to them, they will also discover the best natural acoustics reproduction ever made.


SWSpeakers is a small company, who really cares about their customers – they always come first. In today’s world of speed and mass production, we take the time to produce a unique hand-made loudspeaker. We are using only the best materials and parts. The result is the longer lasting customer satisfaction.




What represents high fidelity to us? High Fidelity has the demand to reproduce the sound or image of its input signal and to provide the best hearing perception to achieve one goal: Natural Sound – The quality of being faithful!





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