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Welcome To SW Speakers

- Handmade

- Uncompromising Workmanship

- Pleasant Design

- Unsuppressed Sound Quality

- High End Loudspeakers



SW Speakers Products made from carbon fiber, to be unique and modern and they are:-

- The Magic Flute

- Figaro

- Nessma

- Apollo

- New product will be released soon

The Magic Flute


Who Are we and Why?

Music is fun. Design is cool, out of box thinking with all acoustics theory make it even more fun, we are a team that like all this and based on this we design our products!

Real natural sound with "out of box" speakers design makes life just great fun. Hearing SW Speakers playing music is like being in live concerts.

SW Speakers Menu

- have fun

- enjoy music

- enjoy life

- apply acoustics theory

- thinking out of the box

- listen, hear, feel, enjoy and have fun


SW Speakers

Available in all colours

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we will help you to have fun and enjoy life with music